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Gina P. Entrepreneur & Consultant

"Through Aissa's techniques I was able to shift my mind to more of a state of consciousness about everything I do."

Monique W. Entrepreneur CEO of Club Rapunzel

"I had the honor of being mentored by Aissa for 5 years and I can say without a doubt that she embodies the definition of self-transformation. There are so many examples that helped shape me not only professionally but personally into a hopeful and powerful woman because of her coaching. I would highly recommend that you jump at the chance of being coached by her."

Jonna, MS, CHC Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential

"Aissa has been a gift in my life. She is what you call a “mover and a shaker” but in a wonderful way. She will move you to be inspired and shake you to light up your soul. She’s that person you want on your side when you hit a wall and you can’t find your way around it. Her passion to shift and create awareness is boundless."

Tina K. Licensed Life Insurance Agent Charlotte, NC

"Aissa’s transformation coaching stems from an ability to merge her heart for people coupled with her vast experience and education. She is sweet by nature but firm when she needs to be and that is what you need in a coach and surely what I needed. I would highly recommend Aissa to anyone looking to grow mentally as well as professionally."

"I have known Aissa long before she decided to formally open her life coaching business. I had always noticed that she had great instinct and knew exactly how to get to the root of an issue. Her personality is very kind, patient and supportive. She is able to encourage great conversation as well as help someone see and understand a problem from a different perspective. I appreciate having her in my life and has been a great help to my family as well as myself."

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